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Whoever tells the best stories goes home with the most marbles.

My Story


Hello! My name is Jeremy Connell-Waite. I'm passionate about helping others to tell better stories, especially executives and future business leaders in the tech industry. I work as a Communications Designer at IBM where I build narratives for clients around emerging technologies, write speeches for senior executives and lead a performance coaching program for consultants called Impact Storytelling.

"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller." Steve Jobs

This site is built around the Nine Principles of Better Stories; my attempt to condense everything I've learned about storytelling over the last 20 years into a set of useful guidelines, to help business leaders like you communicate more effectively. But don't be mistaken - this site isn't just a list of resources and recommended reading. That in itself might be useful but it's nothing special...


The content I've chosen to feature here is not only practical but I selected it because I believe that (if applied correctly) it could help you change the world (in some small way). Seriously. Telling better stories can change the world.

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." Mr. Keating

In the spirit of keeping things open, I resisted the temptation to put this site behind a paywall, a subscription model or to turn it into a book or an expensive course. is what I would have published in a book, but this way it won't date the moment it's published because I'll be adding to the archive regularly. Feel free to steal and share any content accordingly.

For background, the principles were inspired by Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Design and Ted Sorensen's approach to writing speeches for President John F. Kennedy. My hope is that these simple principles might inspire leaders young and old to make a difference by telling better stories.

You can change the world by sharing your story.Barack Obama

Thanks for taking a look around - I hope you enjoy it,

Jeremy 💙


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