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The 9 Principles of Better Stories.

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4 words and 5 lines framework inspired by Ted Sorensen

Better Stories are transformational.

All stories need a structure (eg. 3 Acts, Hero’s Journey, Sparkline, Pyramid, Kishotenketsu, Beats). At their core, all stories are about a journey where someone (or something) is transformed for better (or worse).

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Better Stories capture your imagination.

From powerful headlines to captivating ‘cold opens’, Better Stories spike levels of dopamine and oxytocin, causing the audience to constantly wonder “and then what happened?”

Better Stories tell the truth.

Better Stories are relevant, important and true. They aim to seek truth, build trust and establish empathy as they perform a service for their audience.

Tell Better Stories
4 words and 5 lines framework

Better Stories have measurable outcomes.

Unless purely for entertainment value, every story should have an economic value. Better Stories are measured by how well the audience responded (and what they did next).

Better Stories are emotional.

Emotions have a role to play in even the most technical presentations or complex business stories. People make decisions with their hearts before they justify them with their heads.

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Strong verbs and short sentences sign

Better Stories use strong verbs & short sentences.

Better Stories contain big ideas, small words and short sentences. Big stories don’t need big (buzz)words. Better Stories create a higher impact when they have a low readability score.

Better Stories are surprising.

Better Stories use the element of surprise to make them more memorable. (Especially if the goal of the story is to flip the response state of an audience from negative to positive).

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Better Stories are understandable.

Better Stories simplify complexity and communicate effectively. Audiences are not persuaded by what you say but by what they understand.

Better Stories inspire action.

It’s not enough for a story to make an audience FEEL something. Better Stories create so much urgency and optimism that the audience is inspired to DO something.

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