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Better Stories
inspire action.

It’s not enough for a story to make an audience FEEL something. Better Stories create so much urgency and optimism that the audience is inspired to DO something.



Jane Goodall is like a preacher. She has 52 different ways to tell her story each week! I had fun breaking down her talks in this video, to show how Jane takes the same narrative and weaves it into different versions of the same story. So can you. [14 mins]


You Can Change the World in 1,000 Seconds.

16 minutes and 40 seconds. For some of the world's best communicators, it doesn't take much more than that to inspire action. MLK? 970 seconds. Malala? 981 seconds. Volodymyr Zelenskyy? 1,000 seconds. Sanna Marin (966 seconds). [Click image to read the post]


Purpose Driven Storytelling.

Patagonia's Yvon Chouinard is my favourite business leader. Mostly because he doesn't want to be one. Each of these four books are amazing, but if you want to be inspired just watch any of his talks.

[Click image for my book review]


COP Storytelling.

When I was preparing to write some remarks for the COP climate summit, I reviewed some speeches from COP26 in Glasgow to break them down. This behind-the-scenes look at some of the best presentations might give you a few ideas, and inspire you to create more action and urgency in your stories.  [14 mins]


Best Presentation Ever?

At a Climate Reality Leadership event in Minneapolis in 2019 I watched Al Gore give the best presentation I'd ever seen. This video breaks down WHY I think it was such an amazing presentation and I reveal some of the tools and techniques he uses that you can copy, to make your own presentations even better. [5 mins]


The 3.5% Rule.

How many people does it take to change ther world? If you really want your story to make a difference, you need to understand how many people you need to influence. I love Erica Chenoweth's concept of the 3.5% Rule because it makes systemic change feel much more achievable. [4 mins]



Urgency + Optimism = Action.

The Earthshot Prize is a wonderful example of how to inspire action. In the same spirit as Product [RED] it exists at the intersection of entrepreneurship and the environment. This simple equation taken from Prince William's Earthshot book should be applied to any purpose driven presentation. [337 pages]


Call for Code.

How do you turn a moment into a movement? From scientists to storytellers, sales people to strategists, Call for Code is a wonderful example of what happens when science and storytelling meet technology and activism. Be inspired, get involved or start a movement of your own (?) because you really can change the world just by sharing YOUR story. 💙

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