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Women in Tech?

Technology is a very male dominated industry. In 2023 74% of employees were male and within the field of AI where I spend most of my time, women still only account for around 22% of the workforce. Gender pay gaps are real and despite the many amazing initiatives out there, I still don't think we do a good enough job of inspiring young girls to excel in STEM subjects. In fact, at the current pace of change it will take over 130 YEARS until the economic gender gap is closed. [More stats here].

For the majority of my career my bosses (and their bosses) have been women. I've also coached more women than men over the last few years and in my experience, women are usually better storytellers. Some of that is biological and has to do with the higher levels of oxytocin that women have naturally, and generally speaking, that is often why women have a greater capacity for empathy; the most important skill for any communicator.

But despite that, whenever you see lists of "inspirational storytellers", tech leaders and keynote speakers, the examples are predominantly male. I've been as guilty of this as anyone. So, in December 2023 I set myself a challenge for 2024:

Watch one presentation from an impressive female tech leader EVERY DAY and post them on this page.

** Bookmark this page for whenever you feel like seeing an amazing storyteller you might not have heard before **

(I'll update this page every Sunday with each weeks content).


01/01 Mira Murati.

Bloomberg's Emily Chang interviewing Open AI's CTO  Mira Murati. They discuss AI models, ethics, bias, hallucinations and the future of work. [24 mins]


02/01 Dr. Talia Gershon.

IBM researcher Dr. Talia Gershon explaining Quantum Computing in 5 levels of difficulty. A brilliant display of speaking with clarity and brevity about an incredibly complex topic. [19 mins]

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03/01 Cleo Abram.

Cleo Abram hosts an "optimistic show about technology" on YouTube called "Huge *if True". This episode goes behind the scenes of IBM's Quantum research lab with MKBHD. [18 mins]

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04/01 Dr. Rana el Kaliouby.

Author of Girl Decoded and CEO of Affectiva, this is Egyptian-American computer scientist Rana el Kaliouby on how we should humanise technology before it dehumanises us. [28 mins]


05/01 Joy Buolamwini.

Joy Buolamwini is a "poet of code who uses art and research to illuminate the social implications of artificial intelligence". This is Joy in conversation with Open AI's Sam Altman. [70 mins]

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06/01 Daniela Braga.

Daniela Braga is CEO of Defined.AI, the largest marketplace of ethically sourced training data for AI. This is one of her keynotes from 2023 on ethical AI and the future of generative-AI. [59 mins]


07/01 Kieran Snyder.

Kieran Snyder (CEO & Co-Founder of Textio) podcast episode on how generative-AI will impact teams and what we can do to mitigate the impact of biased AI. [48 mins]

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08/01 Dr. Margaret Mitchell.

Dr. Margaret "Meg" Mitchell is Chief Ethics Scientist at Hugging Face. She founded Google’s Ethical AI Group and is a pioneer in the field of Machine Learning. [11 mins]


09/01 Clara Shih.

Clara Shih is CEO of Salesforce AI and former CEO of Hearsay Social. This great fireside chat discusses V2MOM's and companies as a platform for change. [21 mins]


10/01 Jennifer Eberhardt.

Jennifer Lynn Eberhardt is professor of psychology at Stanford university. In this important TED she debates how racial bias works (in society and technology) and how to disrupt it. [14 min]


11/01 Liv Boeree.

Liv Boeree is a science communicator and former Poker champion. In this short TEDAI talk from October 2023 she discusses "the dark side of competition in AI". [12 mins]

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12/01 Timnit Gebru.

Timnit is computer scientist working in algorithmic bias who was fired by Google after she raised concerns about their technology. Pod: Tech Won't Save Us. [63 mins]


13/01 Subalekha Udayasankar.

Subalekha is a developer for Project Lantern (a Wi-fi solution to help areas affected by natural disasters). "Empathy is a key part of creation...". From Code + Response movie. [10 mins - from 30:00]


14/01 Galit Ariel.

Dr. Galit Ariel is one of the world's top emerging technology speakers. As an AR evangelist she talks in this Nokia feature about how we will ALL be using AR by 2025. [10 mins]


15/01 Fei-Fei Li.

Fei-Fei Li is co-director of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. After this clip, watch her TED or any of her fireside chats. [2 mins]


16/01 Whitney Wolfe Herd.

Whitney is the founder of Bumble and co-founder of Tinder. This conversation with Emily Chang covers what it takes to truly create a safer space online and how AI will revolutionise online dating. [24 mins]


17/01 Hannah Fry.

Mathematician Hannah Fry is an outstanding communicator. I loved her book Hello World and this documentary on the art of winning is well worth an hour of your time. [59 mins]


18/01 Sasha Luccioni.

Dr. Sasha Luccioni is AI & climate lead at Hugging Face and writer for MIT Tech Review. This is her provocative TED talk (1M+ views) from October 2023 on why AI is dangerous. [10 mins]

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19/01 Kate Soule.

Kate Soule oversees the responsible training and development of large language models for IBM's data platform. She helped build this brilliant FREE course on Gen-AI. [9 mins - Full program 2hrs]


20/01 Indra Nooyi.

Indra Nooyi (former CEO of PepsiCo) speaking at Google about her life, her career, family balance and our future amid a world of disruption and digital transformation. [56 mins]

Melanie Perkins canva.webp

21/01 Melanie Perkins.

Melanie Perkins of the Australian co-founder of Canva. With a net worth of over $3.6Bn she has pledged to give most of it away to charity. Here's why... [9 mins]

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22/01 Limor Fried.

Limor founded Adafruit Industries (an open-source handware company) in 2005 in her dormroom at MIT. She's amazing. This is part of her story. [5 mins]


23/01 Surbhi Sarna.

Surbhi Sarna is Y-Combinator's first healthcare and biotech focused Group Partner. This is her story about building her biotech company from nothing and selling it for $275M. [12 mins]


24/01 Anne Boden.

Anne Boden is a Welsh tech entrepreneur. She is the founder and former CEO of Starling Bank. DOAC conversation about building a $1.5Bn business against all the odds.  [92 mins]


25/01 Leah Busque.

Leah Busque founded TaskRabbit in 2008. In this keynote from 99U she shares 5 lessons she learned from building TaskRabbit from the ground up (and then selling it to IKEA).  [24 mins]

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26/01 Alice Zhang.

Alice Zhang is the founder and CEO of Verge Genomics - a biotech company that uses AI to transform drug discovery. This short intro from Forbes will inspire you to learn more. [3 mins]


27/01 Julia Hartz.

Julia Hartz (founder of Eventbrite) giving an excellent keynote about creating connections in the age of AI and unlocking the power of multi-platform storytelling. [21 mins]


28/01 Ana Paula Assis.

Ana Paula De Jesus Assis is GM of IBM EMEA. She recently sponsored this new study about Female Leadership in the World of AI that is well worth a read. [10 min read]


29/01 Jennifer Lee.

Jennifer Lee is Chief Creative Officer at Walt Disney animation studios. She turned her lack of confidence into an asset, showcasing it in the characters of her movies, such as Frozen & Wish. [20 mins]


30/01 Mara Pometti.

Mara Pometti is an “AI-Savvy humanist” and AD of AI Strategy & Governance at McKinsey. She preaches "data first, AI second" and encourages business leaders to think more like scientists. [5 min read]

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31/01 Ida Tin.

Ida coined the term “Femtech”. She co-founded period and ovulation tracking app Clue, and is an example of how women can break into tech when they don't have a STEM background. [15 mins]


01/02 Eleonore Fournier-Tombs.

Eleonore was voted top 100 brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2023. She works as an AI researcher at United Nations University where she lectures in accountable AI. Follow her on Linkedin [55 mins]


02/02 Tania Boler.

Tania Boler founded Elvie - "a fitbit for your lady bits" and the world’s first silent wearable breast pump. All her interviews are great, but this is the playful 45-second pitch that she built Elvie on.  [1 min]


03/02 Sukhi Jutla.

Sukhi founded Market Orders in 2016, a platform to connect retailers to independent jewellery makers - and the bestselling author of Escape the Cubicle: Quit The Job You Hate. [12 mins]


04/02 Nancy Giordana.

Nancy Giordana is an exponential strategist, co-founder of Femme Futurists Society and the author of LeaderING - a playbook of human-centric innovation and regenerative solutions. [11 mins]


05/02 Catriona Wallace.

Dr. Catriona Wallace is the author of Checkmate Humanity, Adjunct Professor at Australia's UNSW Business School and founder of Responsible Metaverse Alliance. [21 mins]


06/02 Julie Sweet.

Julie Sweet is the charismatic CEO of Accenture Consulting, former attorney and (according to The New York Times) "one of the most powerful women in corporate America". [39 mins]


07/02 Francesca Vasquez.

Francessca Vasquez is VP of Professional Services at Amazon Web Services. In this AWS re:Invent 2023 keynote she gives her PoV on building generative-AI into the fabric of your business. [53 mins]


08/02 Nguyen Quynh Tram.

Ms. Nguyen Quynh Tram is the country General Manager of Microsoft Vietnam. In this short lecture she shares her thoughts on the philosophy of work and innovation. [13 mins]


09/02 Miranda Ratajski.

Miranda Ratajski is the CIO of Westpac. In this short speech from 2023 TechDiversity awards in Sydney, she explains how to win in life (and business).  [9 mins]


10/02 Jessica Apotheker.

What will happen to marketing in the age of AI? That's the question Jessica Apotheker (MD of BCG) answered in this short but punchy TED talk from Dec 2023. [10 mins]


11/02 Asu Ozdagalar.

Asu Ozdagalar is the Head of Computer Science at MIT. This excellent lecture from January 2024 explores the promises and potential obstacles when we ask AI to help us to make decisions. [65 mins]


12/02 Francesca Cornelli.

Francesca Cornelli is the dean of Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management. In this short fireside chat with Linkedin news she discusses the role of empathy in communications.  [9 mins]


13/02 Senta Cermakova.

Senta Cermakova is the CEO and co-founder of, an educational startup in Generative-AI. Listen to her TEDx talk about why big companies need "Innovation Kindergartens". [15 mins]


14/02 Jana Marlé-Zizková.

Jana Marlé-Zizková is the co-founder of Meiro (customer data platform) and "She Loves Data", a non-profit to help women in the data community to become more successful. [3 mins]


15/02 Lauren Ingram.

Lauren Ingram is the founder of Women of Web3 and ex-Meta. In this keynote from Newconomics 2023 she shares her thoughts on "How to Build a Democratised Next Internet". [11 mins]


16/02 Kathryn Parsons.

Kathryn Parsons is passionate about futur-proofing your career and founder the digital learning platform Decoded to help. Keynote from TNW 2017 - The Future is Written in Lines of Code. [16 mins]


17/02 Suki Fuller.

Suki Fuller is an "analytical storyteller", one of the most influential women in UK tech, with a mission of using tech to elevate humanity. Keynote from Like Minds 2018. [32 mins]


18/02 Louise Hooper.

Louise Cooper, is a human rights barrister passionate about AI Governance & Ethics, technology policy in government, EdTech, drones and supporting UNICEF. She's worth following on Linkedin. [Profile]


19/02 Ruth Morgan.

Ruth Morgan is Vice Dean (Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship) at UCL and founder of UCL Centre for Forensic Sciences. She's also a great communicator as you'll see in the TEDx. [7 mins]


20/02 Reshma Saujani.

Reshma Saujani is the founder of Girls Who Code and Moms First. She has been instrumental in empowering women and advocating for gender equality in the tech sector. [12 mins]


21/02 Avye Couloute.

Avye Couloute is one of the most impressive young women you'll ever meet. UK Young Engineer of the Year 2022 she also co-founded Girls Into Coding with her mum Hélène Virolan. [4 mins]


22/02 Kara Swisher.

Kara Swisher has been THE tech journalist since 1994. She's written for every major publication that matters, has a brilliant pod and co-founded the Recode conference. [18 mins]


23/02 Sheridan Ash.

Sheridan Ash is the founder & CEO of Tech She Can and former Tech & Innovation  leader at PwC. Listen to her talk about empowering women in tech in this  podcast from ForwardLadies. [59 mins]


24/02 Deborah Liu.

Debroah Liu is the CEO of, former VP at Facebook and author of "Take Back Your Power", a playbook to help women compete on an uneven playing field. [24 mins]


25/02 Andrea Martin.

Andrea Martin is a Distinguished Engineer from Munich and CTO of Ecosystems for the DACH region at IBM. She is passionate about ethical AI and serving the technical community [10 mins]


26/02 Ruth Porat.

Ruth Porat is the CFO of Alphabet & Google, former CFO of Morgan Stanley and one of the world's most powerful business leaders (Forbes). Fireside chat from Stanford Business School. [55 mins]


27/02 Anca Dragan.

Anca Dragan is a professor at Berkley & Head of AI Safety at Google DeepMind. This pod w/ Lex Fridman goes long but it's worth it to hear Anca talk about her work on human-robot interaction. [98 mins]


28/02 Alison Gopnik.

Alison Gopnik is a professor of Philosophy at Berkeley where she works on cognitive development. I think you'll enjoy "How does a child's mind inform AI research?" [9 mins]


29/02 Caroline A. Jones.

Caroline A. Jones is an art historian who teaches architecture at MIT. I heard about her in the book 25 Ways of Looking at AI talking about "The Artistic Use of Cybernetic Beings". [14 mins]


01/03 Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon.

Dr. Imafidon is the CEO of Stemettes - an amazing initiative I've had the pleasure of working with. Watch her showreel and any of her interviews. She's an inspiration for young women and tech leaders. [2 mins]


02/03 Frances X. Frei.

Frances Frei is the professor of Tech & Operations at Harvard Business School. Her research investigates organizational change and the cultural impact of gaining (and losing) trust. [15 mins]


03/03 Tamara Lohan.

Tamara Lohan MBE is the Founder & CEO of the exclusive travel club Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I think you'll enjoy watching Tamara tell her story in this keynote from Marketing Rockstars. [20 mins]


04/03 Ginni Rometty.

Ginni Rometty was the CEO of IBM for 8 years. I was always a big fan since she encouraged me to join her company. Her autobiography "Good Power" as a playbook for future CEO's. [57 mins]


05/03 Melinda Gates.

Melinda Gates featured on one of my first one pagers. I was inspired by this TED talk where she talked about how the power of storytelling literally can change the world. [17 mins]


06/03 Josette Sheeran.

Josette Sheeran coined the phrase "Silent Tsunami" in this keynote about ending world hunger; something she knew a thing or two about as Director of the World Food Programme. [19 mins]


07/03 Jodie Cook.

Jodie Cook is a competitive power lifter, entrepreneur  and the founder of Coachvox AI, a chatbot trained on your own personality to help you engage new audiences.  [110 mins]


08/03 Sophie Devonshire.

Sophie Devonshire is the CEO of Marketing Society, keynote speaker, event host and author of Superfast. She's passionate about building future leaders "at speed".  [Showreel]


09/03 Rav Bumbra.

Rav Bumbra has been one of the most influential women in UK Tech since 2017 and was recognised as the Tech Woman of the Year at the European Diversity Awards 2023. [18 mins]


10/03 Prof Amanda Kirby.

Professor Amanda Kirby is co-founder & CEO of Do-It Solutions, a tech-for-good company that supports neurodiverse individuals in education, justice, and employment. [7 mins]

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11/03 Dr. Magda Chelly.

Dr. Magda Chelly is a global leader in cyber security and the MD of Responsible Cyber who has a crush on Zinedine Zidane... [17 mins]


12/03 Helene Li.

Helen Li is a Sustainable Finance leader, CEO & Co-Founder of GoImpact and a LinkedIn Top Voice on Green Finance and one of the most influential people in FinTech. [26 mins]


13/03 Louise Herring.

Louise Herring is the AI leader at McKinsey's QuantumBlack innovation studios. Here is Louise chairing a panel on "From Profit to Planet: How analytics can help business decarbonise". [46 Mins]


14/03 Elaine Parr.

Elaine Parr is the consumer product and retail leader at IBM. A self confessed FMCG geek, Elaine loves nothing more than analysing supermarket layouts, PoS and consumer experiences. [17 mins]


15/03 Nancy Duarte.

I wouldn't be doing what I do today if it wasn't for Nancy Duarte. as THE global leader in business storytelling and co-founder of Duarte inc. she helps leaders to tell better DataStories. [18 mins]


16/03 Helen Tupper.

Helen Tupper is the brilliant co-author of the best sellers You Coach You & The Squiggly Career. A goldmine of advice for tech leaders working in a changing world, she's someone you need to know. [9 Mins]


17/03 Sarah Ellis.

Sarah Ellis is Helen Tupper's partner in crime and the co-founder of Amazing Ifyou. Podcast host and best selling author, this is her telling the story of how she founded Amazing If. [11 mins]


18/03 Dr. Bijna Kotak.

Following 20 years in Global Capital Markets, Dr. Bijna Kotak Dasani MBE is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who focuses on ESG, FinTech, Generative AI, Technology [39 mins]

1 _77LEpaMXmr09fnPwsFKvw.jpg

19/03 Amy Brown.

Amy Brown is on a mission to help humans understand other humans better. As a former COO and now CEO of software company Authenticx she advocates for more empathy in science & tech. [33 Mins]


20/03 Ulrika Jägare.

Ulrika Jägare is the Head of AI at Scania in Sweden and has authored 9 books on AI & data science for Wiley. I enjoyed here 2022 book Operating AI. 


21/03 Stephanie Hare.

Stephanie Hare is the author of ethics guide Technology is Not Neutral - how to create and use tools and technologies to maximize benefits and minimize harms. [14 mins]


22/03 Kate Crawford.

Kate Crawford is a research professor at USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism and author of Atlas of AI - a great book to help you shape how you think about AI. [48 mins]


23/03 Hélène Virolan.

Hélène Virolan is a social entrepreneur and director of Girls into Coding - a wonderful company focused on getting more girls to engage in STEM. [2 mins]

1 KWtnDxdJfp2uKFQTUsWWJg.jpg

24/03 Michelle Gyimah.

Michelle Gyimah is a pay gaps strategist who helps engineering and energy firms to understand their pay gaps + focus on the right metrics which saves time and money. [38 mins]


25/03 Clare Barclay.

Clare Barclay is CEO of Microsoft UK. She's on the board of British Heart Foundation and is poasionate about helping young women succeed in the tech industry. [35 mins]


26/03 Beth Galetti.

Beth Galetti is the SVP of People & Tech at Amazon. With a background in engineering, HR, logistics and tech, she's an excellent role model to inspire any future tech leader  [3 mins]

IMG_0729 (1).jpg

27/03 Ursula Koski.

Ursula Koski is CTO at AWS. This fireside chat is taken from Ursula's "She Works in Tech" career day broadcast where she shares the interests, inspirations and career advice. [54 mins]


28/03 Tanja Rueckert.

Tanja Rueckert is the Chief Digital Officer at Bosch. This is a clip from her press conference in 2023 where she talks about quantum sensors that save lives.  [5 mins]


29/03 Safra Catz.

Safra Catz is CEO of Oracle. This is her mainstage keynote from CloudWorld2023 where she talks about putting customer success at the heart of everything.  [75 mins]


30/03 Robyn Denholm.

Robyn Denholm is the chairman of Tesla, an operating partner at Australian investment firm Blackbird and a passionate advocate of strong female role models. [1 min]


31/03 Karine Brunet.

Karine Brunet is CEO of Cloud and Infrastructure Services at Capgemini. A very smart lady, she holds three master’s degrees (Marketing, Economic Sciences & European Management). [3 mins]


01/04 Miriam Murphy.

Miriam Murphy has worked in tech for over 25 years. She is the European CEO of IT consultancy NTT Data. I love how much she promotes "clarity of mission and quality of communication". [7 mins]


02/04 Suzanne Dann.

Suzanne Dann is the Americas CEO of consulting firm Wipro. A former VP at IBM, Suzanne is a passionate advocate for responsible and ethical AI. [35 mins]


03/04 Jennifer Bailey.

20-year Apple veteran Jennifer Bailey is VP of Apple Pay & Apple Wallet who took over Apple Pay in 2014 with the goal of making it possible for iPhone users to leave their wallets at home. [27 mins]


04/04 Roshni Nadar.

Roshni Nadar Malhotra is a billionaire businesswoman, philanthropist and the chairperson of HCL Technologies. She was the first woman to lead a listed IT company in India. [15 mins]


05/04 Katherine Ainley.

Katherine Ainley is CEO (UKI) Ericsson. In this lunch'n'learn video, Katherine talks about the future of technology, AI and cloud computing. [17 mins]


06/04 Mitra Best.

Mitra Best is a partner and Technology Impact Leader at PwC. Her 25+ year consulting career has been dedicated to leveraging emerging technologies to address critical societal problems. [25 mins]


07/04 Agathe Bousquet.

Ararthe Bousquet is the French president of $10Bn advertising & PR company Publicis Group. This short clip shows her passion for bolstering female representation in business. [2 mins]


08/04 Jenni Lukander.

Jenni Lukander is the Finnish president of Microsoft-owned Nokia Technologies. In her role she manages their patent portfolio and finds innovative eways to monetize them. [27 mins]

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 09.44.10.png

09/04 Zahra Bahrololoumi.

Zahra Bahrololoumi is the CEO of Salesforce UKI. This 5 minute clip is a bit of a showreel but shows a little of Zahra's excitement when talking about the future of work. [5 mins]


10/04 Nicola Hodson.

Nicola Hodson is the General Manager of UKI for IBM and Deputy President at TechUK. This podcast episode is worth a listen to hear Nicola talk about the challenges of AI adoption. [28 mins]


11/04 Hanna Hennig.

Hanna Hennig is CIO of Simens AG, the $85Bn German technology company. This is her keynote from Web Summit 2022 where she talks about how AI is creating a "codeless future". [15 mins]

1 7Ygy4znUWcfSrgrMFkm_Ig.jpg

12/04 Tara Swart.

Tara Swart of MIT Sloan School of Management is a neuroscientist who helps tech leaders to perform better. I've read her book Neuroscience for Leadership several times. Tara on DOAC podcast: [120 mins]


13/04 Dr. Kelly Trindel.

Kelly Trindel is Chief Responsible AI Officer at Workday. Her team is responsible for governing the principles, practices, people and public policiy at Workday in regard to RAI.  [12 mins]


14/04 Dr. Yinyin Liu.

Yinyin Liu is VP of AI at cloud enablement company Seismic and former Head of Data Science at Intel. In this podcast she discusses trust, ethics and having a career in AI. [39 mins]


15/04 Tara Bunch.

Tara Bunch is Head of Operations at Airbnb and former Vice President of AppleCare at Apple. Watch her lecture at Berkley School of  Engineering about taking the road less traveled. [54 mins]

rachanaheadshot-1 800xx3888-2191-0-148.jpg

16/04 Rachana Kumar.

Rachana Kumar is CTO of Etsy. Her leadership helps product engineering teams to drive business impact and "have fun"! [18 mins]


17/04 Marianna Tessel.

Marianna Tessel is a very eloquent speaker and a strong leader. EVP of Small Business at Intuit and former CTO, she was instrumental in reshaping their business as a SaaS platform. [18 mins]


18/04 Haiyan Song.

Haiyan Song is EVP and GM of CloudOps at $21Bn enterprise data company NetApp. This is Haiyan speaking at AWS re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas. [17 mins]


19/04 Yvonne Genovese.

Yvonne Genovese is EVP of Global Product Management at analyst firm Gartner, where she has worked for over 20 years. [X mins]


20/04 Jen Felch.

Jen Felch is CDO and CIO at $78Bn Dell Technologies. In this short fireside chat she talks about how CIOs can make a difference and create a lasting impact in their roles. [13 mins]


21/04 Eszter Csapó.

Eszter Csapó is COO / Business Partner at SAP where she leads the end-to-end strategy for the company's global partner ecosystem. Here she is inspiring others by talking about her career journey. [10 mins]


22/04 Jane Connell.

Jane Connell is SVP / CIO at $169Bn telco Verizon and a former executive at State Street Bank and Johnson & Johnson. I love her passion for D&I, especially in STEM.


23/04 Amy Salcido.

Amy Salcido is US President of Kyndryl and the former GM of Travel & Transportation at IBM. In this podcast about great leadership, Amy talks about the power of mentoring. [62 mins]

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