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Reading List.

There is a famous rule used by communication coaches called the 7/38/55 Rule. It was invented by UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian in 1967 and is often misquoted or taken out of context, but it’s a great rule that every good communicator should understand.


The “7%-38%-55% Rule” basically suggests that there are three elements present when someone is attempting to convey an emotional message (such as a story): Words, Tone and Body Language. According to Mehrabian's research, in terms of how people perceive a communicator (by liking them and trusting their message) only 7% of an audience’s response is influenced by their words, but 38% is related to their tone, and 55% by their body language and facial expressions.

If you want to tell better stories and connect emotionally with your audience, you'll need all three elements (but not necessarily in that order). So I’ve created not one but THREE READING LISTS 🤯. One for each of the three elements in Mehrabian’s research.


CLICK on the relevant image below for a list of books you might enjoy reading... 📚

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 16.10.09.png

Words: 7%

If your words aren't good enough, your tone, body and background aren't going to save you. Here's some books to help you craft more compelling messages and stronger sentences. 📝

IMG_3477 2.JPG

Tone: 38%

The old adage is true, it's not what you say it's how you say it. These books will show you how to bring your words to life (and help your audience to remember them). 💬


Body & Background: 55%

What about your body language, (virtual) background, facial expressions, stage or props? These books will help you turn your next presentation into a performance! 👏🏻

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